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An air volume regulating device for bag filter (Practical)

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Tandge's endless exploration of science is the embodiment of its professionalism. No matter in the face of difficulties and setbacks, or success and joy, tandge always adheres to its goals and beliefs, that is, it is committed to developing safe, energy-saving, efficient and environmental protection heat energy and environmental protection technologies, constantly eliminating itself, pursuing higher and new technologies, contributing to the construction of harmonious China, saving China and the progress of human society. The main products of Tianjie environment company include TGB series long bag low-pressure pulse bag dust collector, BQM series air box pulse bag dust collector, LFEF glass fiber large bag dust collector, blast furnace gas dry dust collector, TGD electrostatic dust collector and powder concentrator, with more than 80 specifications and varieties.

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Intellectual property name: an air volume regulating device for bag filter (Practical)

Corresponding product or project: Xingtai Delong iron and steel project

Core technology: the working principle of pulse bag filter is that the dusty gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet, or enters the filter bag chamber through the open flange port. The dusty gas enters the gas chamber through the filter bag as clean gas, and then passes through the exhaust port of the clean gas chamber and is discharged by the fan. The dust accumulated on the outer surface of the filter bag and increased continuously, which increased the resistance of the pulse bag filter. In order to make the equipment resistance no more than 1200pa, the pulse bag filter can continue to work, and the dust on the filter bag needs to be removed regularly. The ash cleaning is to start the artery flushing valve in a regular sequence controlled by the program, so that the compressed air in the air bag is ejected from the orifice of the jet pipe, and the surrounding air several times that of the primary air is induced into the filter bag through the venturi pipe, so that the filter bag expands rapidly in an instant, and shake off the dust with the reverse action of the air flow to achieve the purpose of ash cleaning.

Technical indicators reached: SO2 emission concentration ≤ 35mg / Nm3; Emission concentration of particulate matter ≤ 5 mg / Nm3;


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