Company profile-Jiangsu tandge Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu tandge Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as tandge) is a high-tech enterprise based on scientific research, committed to the development and achievement transformation of practical technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection, and determined to develop globally. The company is a "high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province" specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of various environmental protection machinery, environmental protection engineering, thermal energy and thermal engineering, with a construction area of nearly 30000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in the design, production and installation of various large-scale high-efficiency electrostatic precipitator, bag dust remover, electrostatic bag composite precipitator, complete sets of waste heat recovery products of industrial furnace (kiln) and complete sets of ion desulfurization products. The company has the general contracting qualification of environmental protection, and has established "Engineering Technology Research Center for industrial furnace flue gas treatment and waste heat utilization" and "Jiangsu enterprise academician workstation".

Tandge's endless exploration of science is the embodiment of its professionalism. No matter in the face of difficulties and setbacks, or success and joy, tandge always adheres to its goals and beliefs, that is, it is committed to developing safe, energy-saving, efficient and environmental protection heat energy and environmental protection technologies, constantly eliminating itself, pursuing higher and new technologies, contributing to the construction of harmonious China, saving China and the progress of human society. The main products of Tianjie environment company include TGB series long bag low-pressure pulse bag dust collector, BQM series air box pulse bag dust collector, LFEF glass fiber large bag dust collector, blast furnace gas dry dust collector, TGD electrostatic dust collector and powder concentrator, with more than 80 specifications and varieties. All kinds of products have high starting point and high technical content. Among them, BQM gas box pulse bag dust collector and TGB long bag low-pressure pulse bag dust collector passed the national product certification in July 2012, and are technically at the domestic advanced level and leading level. In November, they obtained the qualification certificate of "operation of environmental protection facilities in Jiangsu Province".

Since the formal establishment of the company, tandge has always focused on the research of new energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and the application and promotion of core assemblies, relying on independent intellectual property rights and its own funds. So far, tandge has successfully developed a variety of proprietary technologies, including 10 invention patents and more than 20 practical new patents, all of which are in a leading position in the world; It has established mutually beneficial cooperation relations in technology and market development with a number of professional institutions or enterprises at home and abroad, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the project arrangement of Jiangsu Science and technology R & D fund plan in 2012, the project of "converter gas waste heat recovery, blast furnace gas rapid heating device and clean combustion technology of pulverized coal", which applied tandge invention patent and utility model patent, has been included in the national major achievement transformation project plan, and some of them have received project funding for major achievement transformation. This time, only two high-tech enterprises in Yancheng City have received this funding.

At present, tandge has more than 500 technical, design, manufacturing and management personnel with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It has a 20000 ㎡ processing base and 3000 ㎡ R & D laboratory in Yancheng high tech park. It is a high-tech enterprise with a large comprehensive design, production and scientific research base among its peers in China. So far, the company ranks first among Chinese peer technology enterprises in terms of talent scale, application performance, technological innovation achievements and brand awareness.

In recent years, the company, together with Southeast University, Nanjing University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, national iron and Steel Research Institute and Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully developed new regenerative high-temperature air combustion technology, pulverized coal, petroleum coke, fuel oil, gas, oil-gas mixed combustion technology and a variety of thermal energy-saving technology series to adapt to the transformation of kilns in China, The "academician workstation of Jiangsu Province" with Academician Wu Chengkang of the Institute of mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the team has been established, forming a unique and advanced Tianjie technology system. With a number of invention patents and scientific and technological achievements, many products have been popularized and applied in thermal energy system equipment, achieved remarkable results, and have been highly praised by various industries.

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